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How to Design Your Own Dream Restroom

Pink-veined marble brings warmth and interest to this luxuriously appointed en suite.


Image source: scrantonproducts.com

The view into the bathroom informed the design. ‘We placed the bespoke vanity opposite the entrance to create an outstanding feature when viewed from the bedroom,’ describes designer Thomas Griem. To the right is a freestanding bath, with a steam room on the left.

A large window around the corner draws attention past the enclosed steam shower towards the light. ‘We always attempt to position the toilet as discreetly as possible. Here, it beings in line with the vanity, where it does not block the window, nor can it be seen from the bedroom.’


In the pursuit of luxury, marble remains a firm go-to. ‘We chose beautiful Branco Venatto, which has light veining including hues of pink, yellow and grey, similar to the stone we used in the owners’ Majorcan home,’ says Thomas.

Although the amount of marble appears comprehensive at first look, panelling painted in likewise o-white tones help stabilise the area. ‘The marble was utilised rather sparingly, predominantly on the horizontal surfaces. All of the remaining walls feature generally moulded panels, which serve to soften the hard stone and introduce a historic atmosphere.’


The freestanding bath was selected For its mix of modern building and construction and standard design. Made from a hi-tech resin and mineral composite, it does not present any of the weight problems of cast iron an essential factor to consider in older homes, mainly when using great deals of stone. The product likewise o ers insulating benefits, keeping the bath water hotter for longer.

Influenced by grand, turn-of-the-century hotel design, the 2.4m-wide vanity unit is a striking piece. Including a 15cm-tall mitred front to the leading provides the impression of a single, strong slab. ‘We picked modern-day undermounted basins and wall- installed taps to keep the slab clear from disruptions,’ explains Thomas. The metal frame and open shelving serve to lighten the vanity at floor level, while further stressing the chunkiness of the top.


Solid stone may be the dominant material, but the addition of elegant panelling and a gently shaped bath keeps any hint of coldness at bay.’This is also a convenient restroom, with great volumes of storage above and listed below the vanity and lots of counter space,’ says Thomas. ‘Two individuals can easily share the space without feeling cramped.’


In a severe note when you attempted to design a room not just the style matter that you truly worried about, But, likewise the safety of what’s materials that you will utilise like the pipes, roofing and flooring. Because that kind of things in some cases consists of danger. That was asbestos; we all know that asbestos is threatened our health.

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