Hi! My name is Malika and I’m an architect. Since 2000, I established my own architectural studio and my profession as an entreprenur. With 10 creative young people for design, drawing and workshops, plus experienced craftsmen, my studio continues to grow till now. Probably, the terms “profession” and “business” are not quite right for my work. That’s why I choose a path other than the one that people usually choose.

Designing for me is more than a job. I do it with my heart. With love. Client to me is not a market, buyer of my product or design. I used to meet them, talk in depth before doing the creative process. From there I can get to know him or her more deeply, his or her character, passion, and philosophy of life. By knowing that, I can more easily do the design process. I want to display the personality of my clients in my work.

Therefore, I never repeat the design. Each design is unique. Just as each of my clients has their own uniqueness. I also believe that many materials available around us can be unique and become an interesting design material. They can display a person’s character when placed properly in a space.

For me, the design process is a valuable process. That’s why I once rejected a client who asked me to design an entertaiment room used for gambling. Because it does not fit my values. I also believe that everyone can do their own design process. Thus, I present this blog as part of the learning process for all, anyone interested in the world of interior design and also home improvement.